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Got Soot or Smoking Problems? Call The Soot Slayer

Ichthys Fish
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Have your chimney, stove, fireplace, and inserts cleaned regularly to keep them in top condition. More importantly, keep your home safe and warm at an affordable rate.

Don't worry about inspections! With maintenance and repair services from The Soot Slayer your chimney will be in top condition for passing inspection, and for your enjoyment.

Safety is the number one priority when installing your new or used stove so ensure it's done correctly. Our expert installers can also procure necessary parts to extend the life of your stove.



House filling with smoke?

Is your chimney falling apart? Is your pellet or wood

stove not running? Contact us today to let

The Soot Slayer help you.

It's good to be soot free...

Invest in services and repairs

Install improvements